707 Keychains

$14.44 - $17.77
  • 707 Keychains
  • 707 Keychains
  • 707 Keychains
  • 707 Keychains

707 keychains, each keychain holds a combination of nazars, sun catcher bead and hand picked crystals ✨ created and named after the anime NANA, named after their apartment number
don't have to be used as keychains, you can hang them hear a window that catches sun

11. Sodalite and rose quartz with dark oval drop sun catcher

22. Sodalite, blue Nazar with oval sun catchers

33. Black silver sheen obsidian, red nazar and large rectangle sun catcher

44. Mookaite Jasper, citrine and amethyst with a tear drop sun catcher

55. green aventurine, rose quartz, black nazar and a pumpkin

All creations are hand crafted and may have imperfections, flaws, as well as, show wear and tear over time. All sales are final. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds.

Thank you for reading + checking out my art + your support of my pursued passion! :)

Peace and love, Jaehd